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There are almost 20,000 real estate agents in Utah.  The top 10% are the true All-Stars.  All-Stars are Realtors who have made real estate their only career.  All-Stars know all the tips, tricks, and fundamentals of real estate.  All-Stars have significantly more experience and education than the other 90% of real estate agents.  All-Stars excel because they have an uncommon drive.  All-Stars are committed to their clients.  Real estate is all they do.

Statistics show All-Star listing agents sell their clients’ properties much quicker and at significantly higher prices than the other 90%.  All-Star buyer agents save their clients thousands of dollars on purchases because they get the lowest possible price.  What separates them from the other 90%?  All-Stars have a keen ability to negotiate–it’s in their DNA. It’s an art that only All-Star Realtors possess. That’s why they put thousands of dollars in their client’s pockets by negotiating the highest possible price when selling and the lowest possible purchase price when buying.  As consummate professionals, they work harder and smarter; and are much more connected, informed, and proactive than their counterparts that make up the other 90% of agents.  All-Star Realtors do their homework.  They know each property, neighborhood, the recent comparable sales, and are always on top of the constantly changing market trends in their local area.

Buying and selling a home is the single largest financial decision most people make.  If you don’t hire an All-Star Realtor, you’re putting yourself at a great disadvantage that will cost you money and time.  Your real estate agent will be negotiating the price and terms of a contract that is legally binding for you. Whether selling or buying, you can’t afford to trust anyone but the best.  If you don’t hire an All-Star Realtor, it’ll cost you.  You deserve to be represented by the best—get an All-Star!  Fill out the form on this page and we’ll give you the contact information for the All-Star Realtor in your local area.  The 801-APPROVE Team’s All-Star Realtor referral service is free to you—no obligations or strings attached.  You can call them on your own and discover the difference of working with a Realtor who’s the top of their class.

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