1% Down Buys You A Home!

With 801-APPROVE you can buy a home with as little as 1% down and also get a down payment gift of up to a 2% ($5,000 max). We are excited to offer a conventional 1% down payment purchase loan with a lender gift of up to $5,000 to go towards your down payment. What’s more, Continue Reading

Why We Crush Banks & Credit Unions

Why The 801-APPROVE Team Is Utah’s Mortgage Leader: We’re Independent— we work for you, not a bank. Rock-Bottom Interest Rates: 20 Lenders Compete For Your Loan: Once you tell us what your goals are, we shop 20 wholesale lenders, finding you the best loan and a rock-bottom interest rate. Widest Variety of Loans: blowing away the options offered Continue Reading

Refinancing? When is it worth it?

Questions: True or False? 1. You should only refinance if you can lower your rate by at least 1%. False.  The 1% rule is bunk.  It depends more on what your balance is, rather than the rate.  The other major factor is how much will it cost?  It’s probably worth it to refinance if you’re Continue Reading

“No Cost” Mortgages – Yes They Are Real, Sort Of

“Come on, there’s no such thing as ‘free’ in this world,” you’re saying to yourself.  “How can a lender do a loan with no-cost loan?” Yes, there are always fees associated with doing a mortgage.  A lot of individuals contribute to making a mortgage transaction happen.  The lender has an underwriter, a closer, a funder Continue Reading

Utah Real Estate Market Report

The Utah real estate market has turned a corner and is recovering.  In some parts of the state it is roaring back to life.  Inventories are at lows that haven’t been seen in over a decade.  Buyers who have sat on the sidelines for the past few years, waiting for prices to bottom out, are Continue Reading