About The 801-APPROVE Team

Why the 801-APPROVE Team Crushes the Competition:

The 801-APPROVE Team offers our clients significantly lower interest rates and a much wider variety of loan options than any bank or credit union.  The reason is because we’re independent.  We work for YOU, not for a bank, credit union, or mortgage company (all of these are known as retail lenders).  We have origination agreements with 20 of the very best wholesale mortgage lenders in the country.  Wholesale lenders offer lower rates and more loan options than retail lenders. That’s why the 801-APPROVE Team gives you:

  1. ROCK-BOTTOM Interest Rates: We crush banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies! It’s the power of our volume discounts with these wholesale lenders,  and the power of having 20 wholesale lenders compete for your loan. No one does what the 801-APPROVE Team does!
  2. Widest Variety of Loans: We listen to your goals and then we shop the lenders for you, presenting you with the loan options that best fit YOUR needs and bottom line–not the lender’s.
  3. Fast Turnaround Times: The 801-APPROVE Team can close your loan in as little as 10 business days.


With one simple phone call to The 801-APPROVE Team we can save you all the stress, hassle, and runaround that normally goes with getting a mortgage loan.  Once we determine what your needs and goals are, we’ll go to work on our end.  We shop 20 wholesale lenders to find you the best terms and the rock-bottom interest rate.  We eliminate the confusion and save you hours and dozens of phone calls by doing the all the work and the shopping for you.  That’s why we love being independent!  It puts us on your side.  WE WORK FOR YOU, not a bank.  Retail lenders like banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies can’t do what we do.  They’ll never tell you if a competitor has a better loan or interest rate.  We tell you exactly which one of the 20 wholesale lenders has the best rate and loan.  Working as your advocate; we take your application, submit your it to the best lender, and then we sit by your side, working with the lender to get your loan approved and closed quickly.  This is why the 801-APPROVE Team is Utah’s Mortgage Leader.


The 801-APPROVE Team is a group of experienced, full-time mortgage professionals who have been in the industry for years.  Our team is committed to finding you the best possible mortgage for your individual needs, and getting you the  rock-bottom rate you deserve.

Rodney Rex (NMLS 295665) is the founder of The 801-APPROVE Team.  Rod started in the mortgage business in 2001. He worked for a large national, retail lender after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business.  Rod realized by being independent he could offer his clients a much wider variety of loans and significantly better interest rates than retail lenders. The 801-APPROVE Team was formed and is based on a simple philosophy: “Always do what’s right for the client.”

We know when we do what’s best for you, our valued client, you’ll reward our integrity and commitment to you by bragging about your rock-bottom interest rate.  You’ll tell your family and friends how fast and easy it was to get a mortgage with The 801-APPROVE Team on your side.  We’ve seen the good and hard times of the real estate market and mortgage lending.  We’ve grown and thrived because we make getting a mortgage easy and save our clients thousands compared to the banks, credit unions and mortgage companies who make up the retail lending business.  Our business model and philosophy are unique because–unlike loan officers who work for those retail lenders–WE WORK FOR YOU, as your advocate and adviser.  We sit by your side from application to closing, ensuring you get a rock-bottom interest rate and a loan that fits your individual needs and goals.  We make sure the lender gives you everything they promised you.  The 801-APPROVE Team protects your bottom line–not the lender’s.  Give us a call and put us to work for you!  Together, we’ll help you achieve your homeownership goals and save you a ton of money in the process!


Rodney Rex, founder of the 801-APPROVE Team

Rod grew up on a cattle ranch outside of Randolph–the coldest place in Utah. At the age of nine his family moved a few miles to the north-west, to Laketown, Utah–on the south end of beautiful Bear Lake.  He attended Utah State University where he graduated with a degree in business marketing.  He enjoys traveling the state and spending time in the outdoors, whether skiing in the Wasatch mountains, or hiking in Southern Utah.  Rod’s goal is to personally ensure each client has a great experience when working with the 801-APPROVE Team.  If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the service and professionalism of any member of the 801-APPROVE Team, please call 801-APPROVE and ask to speak with Rod, or email him at: rodney@801approve.com