Why We Crush Banks & Credit Unions

Why The 801-APPROVE Team Is Utah’s Mortgage Leader:

  1. We’re Independent— we work for you, not a bank.
  2. Rock-Bottom Interest Rates: 20 Lenders Compete For Your Loan: Once you tell us what your goals are, we shop 20 wholesale lenders, finding you the best loan and a rock-bottom interest rate.
  3. Widest Variety of Loans: blowing away the options offered by retail lenders like banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies
  4. Lightning-fast approvals and closings
  5. We Do The Work For You: Working as your advocate; we take your application, submit it to the best lender, and then we sit by your side, working with the lender to get your loan approved and closed quickly.

How long would it take you to call 20 lenders, give each of them all the details of your finances, credit, and what you’re trying to accomplish with a purchase or refinance?

Well, that’s part the reason why we crush banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies.  The 801-APPROVE Team is Utah’s mortgage leader because we take the headache and hassle out of getting a mortgage.  With one phone call to The 801-APPROVE Team you get access to 20 of the very best wholesale mortgage lenders in the country.  We do all the shopping for you!  We sit by your side from application until the closing.  Working as your advocate, we act as your agent, representing you and your best interests to the wholesale lender.  It’s how we can ensure you get the rock-bottom interest rate and best loan for your individual situation.

The first thing you need to understand is that we’re not a retail lender like banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies. Instead, we’re independent. We have access to 20 of the very best wholesale lenders in the country.  A wholesale lender offers lower interest rates than retail lenders.  They also have a much wider offering of types of loans and better terms.  The reason they have lower rates, better terms and a wider variety of loans is because they don’t have the expensive overhead of banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies.  They don’t build, buy, maintain, and pay taxes on expensive buildings and prime real estate like banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies.  Wholesale mortgage lenders have much more centralized, streamlined, efficient mortgage lending models because mortgages are all they do.  By not having all those prime, corner-of-the-block retail locations and not doing auto loans, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, etc… wholesale lenders save a lot of money. They only do one thing, mortgages. And that’s why they do them better and cheaper.  This streamlined, efficient business model means money in YOUR pocket–rather than the bank’s!

When you go to a bank, credit union, or mortgage company, you’re dealing with a retail lender.  They’re giving you their money, and they have an incentive to maximize their profit on each loan; so they can maximize their shareholder’s returns, afford their marble floors, prime real estate, and their executives’ salaries and benefits.  We’re different.  The 801-APPROVE Team is your independent advocate, rather than your retail lender.  We work for and with you, not for a bank.  We work to maximize YOUR profit and YOUR savings, and minimize YOUR time and expenses—not the lender’s.  Loan officers at banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies don’t work for you; they work for the retail lender who’s loaning you money. They answer to their managers and executives, not you. We answer to YOU!  We’re not saying banks and credit unions are bad.  We love banks and credit unions for checking and savings accounts, auto loans, debit and credit cards, etc.  But if you want a rock-bottom interest rate,  a much wider variety of loan types; and faster, easier approvals and closings–the 801-APPROVE Team is on YOUR side and we’re ready to deliver!

This is what sets the 801-APPROVE Team apart.  Getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be hard or stressful.  We’ll make getting the mortgage and a rock-bottom interest rate a piece of cake.  Call the 801-APPROVE Mortgage Team and put us to work for you. Then sit back and relax, knowing you have Utah’s mortgage leader in your corner.  We’ve got this!